The Best Drafting Table in 2020

Best Drafting Table

If this article isn’t helpful, it’s back to the drawing board with this. But seriously, these tables, (which are called art tables, drafting tables, drawing tables, drafting boards, and so on,) is still a great way for an artist to sketch out their works. Even in times of the laptop, you sometimes need a. good old-fashioned drawing table to get the ideas out. Let’s look at the best studio drawing table, shall we?

First Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best drafting tables

We looked at two things: positive customer reviews and features offered. Why would you pick one drafting table over the other? Which products had the most to offer for the price? This is how we decided on the best tables.

#1: 2 Piece Comet Art (Best Value – All-Purpose)


Studio Designs Comet Center2 Piece Comet Art: Best Value – All-Purpose

This desk drawing table is perhaps the best little starter pack for any art lover. It comes with all the essentials you’re looking for. For example, it comes with drawers you can use to store your supplies, along with an under-table as well. It comes with a little stool you can use to sit down while you do your work. The drafting part is also completely adjustable, making it perfect for any artist of any size.

Also, it comes in multiple colors, too, which is always a nice little feature.

Reviews have been quite positive, with most saying that it’s one of the best drafting tables and it holds up. Criticism comes in the form of its assembly instructions, which some find to be complex. With assembly instructions, you sometimes have to find alternative sources, such as a YouTube video.


#2: Vintage Wood Drafting Table (Best Wood Table)


Vintage Wood Drafting TableVintage Wood Drafting Table: Best Wood Table


Some people want to do their work or art on drafting tables that look like something from a hundred years ago. No convenient place to hold supplies, no plastic, just a pure wood table. If you have that hankering, this is an awesome drafting table. It’s the most expensive one on this list, but it looks great.

It has all the adjustability and quality you expect from a drafting table. Besides that, it has positive reviews, with most claiming that it does what described. A couple of criticisms are directed at its wobbliness and short height. Always check the measurements before you buy a drafting table!

#3: Adjustable Lap Desk (Best Portable Drafting Table)

Adjustable Lap Desk

Adjustable Lap Desk Adjustable Lap Desk: Best Portable Drafting Table

Whether you want to sketch some art while on a commute, read a book on a tablet, or do other work while on the go, this is a great portable drafting table for the job.

This is the top portable drafting table if you want comfort. It has cushions on the bottom to keep your lap from hurting. It also has 8 angles, allowing you to adjust with ease. Customer service is quite good as well, offering a 5-year warranty. That’s top of the line. Most people want drafting tables where, if they have an issue, they click the “contact us” button, and then their issue is fixed. Customer reviews are positive, with most emphasizing the convenience. However, there are some criticisms on this portable artist’s desk, including it being too small.

#4: H&A 47″x 24 (Best Low Cost)
H&A 47″x 24

H&A 47″x 24: Best Low Cost

If you’re looking for a drafters table for under $100, this is for you. Another reason you may buy this table is that it’s simple in design. You won’t find anything complex here. Despite being cheap, customer reviews have been positive. Most say that the product does what it’s supposed to, giving people a good little studio for their art, drawing, or other work. Negative reviews mostly cover the product coming in defective. Contact customer service if that happens.

#5: SD Studio Designs (Best metal and glass)

SD Studio Designs
Sometimes, you want drafting tables that are see-through, and have nice metal looks to them. The Studio Designs table has that. Like the first one, it has a drawer and other places to store supplies, and it even comes with a chair.

However, the Studio Designs table is at the bottom because of the reviews. While still overall positive, with many saying it works fine, there have been some criticisms, mainly concerning missing screws and other defects. The score is a little lower.

What About the Cheapies? Our Best Products Under $X


#1 Best Under $110: Hobby Lobby Adjustable Table

Hobby Lobby Adjustable Table

Best Under $110: Hobby Lobby Adjustable Table

This is one of your basic drafting tables, coming with a slide tray and a nice wood finish. You may have to pay a little more for shipping, but you can also buy it in any Hobby Lobby store.

#2 Best Under $100: Martin Smart Table

Martin Smart Table
Best Under $100: Martin Smart Table

This is one of your basic drafting tables. Minimal, but has everything you expect. It’s quite affordable for all your art needs, all for a good price. Reviews are positive, too.

#3 Best Under $80: Ktaxton

KtaxtonBest Under $80: Ktaxton

This is one of the best wood drafting tables for the price. Reviews for this on the site are nonexistent, but for the price, we say to take the risk. It may work for you.

# 4 Best Under $70: Alvin Drawing Board

If you’re looking for a drafting table without the table, why not just get a drawing board? You won’t find too many tables under $70, but this one will suffice if you just need a nice little drawing board to do your art. It’s mobile and you can find this table anywhere at Walmart. With the Alvin, you won’t have to go back to the old drawing board.

What’s the Standard Height for a Drafting Table?


When it comes to drafting tables, they’re usually 36 inches in height. Of course, some drafting tables are adjustable, and others can come in different heights. When browsing drafting tables, always check the height. Look for reviews of these products that say if the table was too short.

Can you Make Your Own Drafting Table?

Of course, you can. Drafting tables can be built if you’re skilled with woodwork or crafting in general. Many people prefer to build their own drafting tables because they like customization, and self-built products tend to be top quality.

For the casual person, however, most will just buy their drafting tables. Nothing wrong with that.

Verdict: Your Best drafting table

Now, let’s summarize the top tables again.

First, if you want the best pick, the Comet Art is for you. It’s one of the best drafting tables for the price, offering storage for your art products, a stool, all for a good value. It has a stool, drawers, and other little accessories that can make the drawing process much more fun for everyone involved.

Second, you may go for Vintage Wood. Drafting tables like these are minimal, which is what some people may want. It looks beautiful, and while pricey, it has a good look and the quality you’ve come to expect.

Third, you may check out the Adjustable Lap Desk. If you’re looking for something portable, this is one of the best products for the price. You can put it on your lap, letting you use it for travel.

Fourth, you may go for the H&A. This is one of the top products if you want something that’s under $100. It doesn’t provide anything too special, but for the price, you get a quality table.

Fifth, pick SD Studio Designs. This is one of the top glass and metal tables. While it’s a bit lower in customer reception, it still has positive reviews. The look of it is unique as well. If you’re into glass, this table will knock your socks off.

And those are the top drawing tables, drafting tables, whatever you want to call them. When it comes to being on top of your work, having tables drafting your work out is so convenient. We recommend you try one and see how well your work comes out. We bet you can stay on top with ease. Check them out today.