Adjustable Lap Desk Review – 2020

Adjustable Lap Desk

Working from home requires a well-sorted workspace to stay focused and free of any distraction and discomfort. Using the laptop in your lap can be quite uncomfortable and awkward. A lap desk is a great help that can enhance your work from home experience. It provides an ergonomic, portable surface for convenience. It lets you work from the couch or bed or any other favorite place you want to convert into your office at home.

When it comes to getting a good lap desk, there are lots of options. Just like regular desks, lap desks are available in all sizes and shapes. It is important to find the right one with desirable features, ease of use and durability to make sure it serves the purpose well.

One of the best choices is the Adjustable Lap Desk from HUANUO. This ergonomic desk is specially designed to facilitate remote workers and comes loaded with everything you would want to use your laptop conveniently from any corner of the home. In this review, we take a closer look at the product and see what it offers.

Adjustable Lap Table


About the Brand

A leading manufacturer and supplier of ergonomic solutions for home office and business, HUANUO has been engaged in developing TV mounts, monitor mounts and accessories that add convenience to using digital devices.

As one of the biggest brands in the industry, it has offered a series of products designed to be easy to use and effective at relieving stress and fatigue with work. It has introduced some of the most useful models for lap desks with the newest features at competitive prices.

Adjustable Lap Desk Review

Designed to be the perfect aid to laptop use at home, the HUANUO adjustable lap desk packs all the exciting features and modern design in an easy to use model. Whether you want to sit on the sofa or bed and watch TV shows or movies on your laptop, play your favorite games sitting on your couch or work for long hours on the device, this lap desk can save you from the discomfort of keeping it on the lap.

This versatile lap desk not only helps you relax while using your laptop but also works as a tablet stand or reading desk. It is a contemporary model with numerous unique features you would not find in other lap desks. The real stand out feature is the adjustability of the desk. The tilt capability lets you adjust the surface in six different positions for optimum comfort. This feature also doubles its use for any user.


The sleek lap desk has a black, professional-looking finish in matte for an attractive aesthetic as compared to those with glossy plastic surfaces and thick padding. It is open on the three sides and has a small plastic piece at the bottom to keep the laptop in place and prevent anything from sliding off. The mouse pad is detachable and can be placed on either side of the desk to suit left and right handed users alike.

Adjustable Lap Desk Table

Adjustable Lap Desk Features


The lap desk is designed to be extremely portable and lightweight. It weighs just 30.5 oz. and has a built in handle that allows carrying it anywhere you want, airport, coffee shop or library. The dimensions of this desk are 14.8 x 11 x 5 inches. It has a sturdy plastic construction with an ergonomic design that makes it convenient to work on your laptop for long hours.

There is a plastic piece at the bottom side to hold the device and keep anything from sliding off. The lap desk has two cotton pads that conform easily to your lap and provide stability and comfort, saving you from the heat coming from your laptop. It has a modern, aesthetically appealing, sleek design in a black matte finish for a professional look. It is well-built and sturdy.


The lap desk can be used as a laptop stand for any place and can also be used as a car laptop stand. It can also work as a lap writing board, bed lap desk, drawing desk and a lot more. It eases your experience and comfort while working or watching movies.


This adjustable lap desk not only holds laptops up to 17 inches but also works with tablets. It has a detachable mouse pad which can be moved to either side to suit left and right handed users.

Apart from tablets and laptops, the desk can hold drawing sheets as well as books to offer a lot of compatibility and versatility.


The lap desk comes with a total of eight tilt angles to help you keep your shoulders, neck and back relaxed while working for long hours.

Adjusting the surface to the most convenient angle gives you a better control over typing and viewing angles during use. This adjustability feature also lets the unit double as a reading desk as well as drawing table for those who indulge in art and craft as a hobby.


  • Holds laptops of all sizes
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Modern design
  • Adjustable tilt functionality
  • Portable to be carried around
  • Dual cushions
  • 5-year warranty


  • Material is not the highest quality


Designed to meet all your needs when working at home on your laptop, the HUANUO adjustable lap desk helps you relax as much as possible with its adjustable angles. It offers you the comfort of sitting at your favorite sofa, bed or recliner and watching your favorite movies or completing your office work.

It is a lightweight, portable, sturdy and durable lap desk with a professional design that looks great in any home. Overall, this adjustable lap desk is a great choice for professionals, artists as well as casual users.


Adjustable Lap Desk Table


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